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Top follow

Top follow is an app on Google that offers its users an easy and very fast way to enhance their instagram followers and likes. This app proposes genuine instagram followers and like so, you do not need to buy fake followers. This is hundred percent real, time saving and free app. This app provides an opportunity to get unlimited likes, comments and followers for their instagram account. Individuals can gain more popularity and marketers can enhance their business values by the use of this platform.

Top Follow

What is Top follow?

Top follow is a progressive app available on provides a best opportunity to its users to enhance their instagram followers just in few days without spending much time and money as it provide authentic followers. Many of the people on instagram have already millions of likes and followers, but they want to boost them. This app gives the option to boost their instagram genuine followers.

Everyone knows that this is the era of social media .you can be more popular if you have more likes and followers as people of today judge the popularity level by the numbers of your followers. Fame gaining is a very long process and need a lot of time and skills but simply by the use of this app you can boost up your followers and become popular. You can amaze your friends with your follower’s list with in short period of time as there is no need to wait for years to enhance your followers on your profile. You can simply sign up and get many real followers

Today it is the wish of everyone to become more popular in his social media circle. Only the issue that come is how to increase followers and get more and more likes to get fame top follow app is the best app to get rid of this tension as this app supplies millions of followers, comments and likes. It is an app which uses coins. This app is free of cost so you do not need to waste your money to buy fake followers.

Top Follow


App Name Top Follow
Version 4.5.6V
Size 5.91 Mb
Cost Free
Requirement 5.0 and up


Features of Top follow

Topfollow app has many amazing features that are the cause of its increases the number of is easy to use and handle so you do not need to hire an assistant to show your presence on social media especially on instagram. Some of key features of this app are given bellow


Some non-authentic apps show the third party ads and contain viruses which steal the files from your device and cause the harm to your device. Top follow app is an authentic app and secure your data. This app does not put any damage to your personal data and there is no insecurity.

Rapid Response

The catchiest feature of Top follow app is its quick response. You don’t need much time to become popular as this app increases the number of followers in just few days.

User Interface Friendly

Top follow app is easy in use so, everyone can easily use it. there is no need of any expert quality for proper use of this app. Beginner can also understand its use very easily in no has user friendly is very responsive and secure app.

Free of charge in full

It is a coin based app. If you want to enhance you instagram followers you just need to purchase coins. This coin is used to increases followers on your instagram empower you to earn cash for promotion of your account. You can receive so many coins for exchange the followers by using this app.

Current followers

Top follow app reduce the chances of bot followers. Bot followers always give a tension to be dropped or unfollow at any time but this app provide trust worthy followers. These followers are also for longer time and increase the popularity level.

Top Follow

Ads Free 

In other apps free ads causes the disturbance and irritation but top follow provides you ads free environment. Now there is no need of irritating because of free ads while using an app. It is totally an ad free app.

Referral Bonus

Another attractive feature of Top follow app is its option of referral bonus .you can easily share your referral link to your family members and friends. If they make account by using your referral code you will get some bonus.

Benefits of Top follow

  • It is a much secure app
  • It is easy in use
  • Although you are a beginner you can easily process this app.
  • It increases the followers list just in few days.
  • It is very responsive app and provides rapid service.
  • It is a coin based app you can collect coin easily.
  • It does not contain any free ads.
  • It is user friendly app.
  • Top follow app show the rapid response.
  • Top follow app offers the referral reward.


  • Login problem occurs
  • Sometimes top follow app shows the problem of bad requests
  • Base64 causes a lot of problem.

How to Install the Top follow APP?

First thing that you have to keep in mind is to uninstall the previous top follow app if you have before installing a new one otherwise app will be not downloaded. Always install the latest version of this app.You can easily install it by following given steps .

  • Open the app store.
  • Then search Top Follow latest version and select it.
  • Then press the install button from menu.
  • Wait just for a while to complete the installation process.
  • Now click the open button.
  • Here the steps are done now you can easily use the app and increases your popularity level by increasing the followers.


Top follow app is a secure and authentic app. If you want to enhance your instagram followers to become more popular in this world then for what you are waiting for this is the best app to get more likes and followers. You can receive likes and followers in real time for your posts on instagram account. We hope so this information will be helpful for you to choose the best app.


How to fix solve the problem of bad requests in the Top follow app?

Answer: It is a common issue in Top follow that bad requests appear. You can simply fix this problem by closing the app and set it up again.

How to fix solve the problem of base64 in the Top follow app?

Answer: More than sixty percent users of Top follow complain about base64 is a normal problem you do not need to be panic. Just simply set the app again and problem is resolved.

What is the main aim of Top follow app?

Main aim of this app is to increases the instagram likes and followers in short period of time.


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