What are Qureka Banners and How does they work?

Qureka banners

Qureka banners are attractive form of digital advertising. The aim of these banners is to engage the users by offering some mind catching quiz or games. They provide memorable users experience. During scrolling a website one can see many ads that cause the disturbance in using a website. Querka banners are different from traditional banners which are easily ignored. They provide some eye and mind catching banners so users can not feel bored .they feel something interesting and engaging in these banners.

What Is Qureka Banner?

Qureka banners are collaborating ads that attract the viewers by offering them a quiz or a game. Qureka banners are usually aimed to catch the user’s attention. They provide collaborative and engaging experience. They are part of digital advertising.

Qureka banners contain an attractive question or a game in which users can take part.When the users click these banners they reach to the main landing page. In the main landing page people get more ideas about the advertising services.

The main motive of Querka banner is to create more impressive experience for the viewers as compared to typical traditional ads that are not catchy and easily forgotten. They provide longer watch and search time, higher rate of catching users and much better rate of conversation.

Qureka Banners

Advantages of Qureka Banner:

  • These banners can increase the engagement rate
  • They offer better conversation rate
  • They provide catchy and funny quizzes
  • They provide games that divert the attention of users in a good way
  • It provides more knowledge about the services.
  • They are more attractive to eye and mind as compared to old style advertisings.

How Does Qureka Works?

Qureka Banner is specially designed to catch the attention of users. They provide some interesting and funny questions which urge the people to solve it.in this way people spend more time on the website and try resolve these amazing questions.it enhance the rate of conversation. Qureka banner actually works in the manner of advertising ads.

Creation of Qureka Banners

  • A website owner or a web developer who knows coding very well can easily create this type of banner.
  • Many tools are also available that can help you to vreat this banner easily without paying. Just for example Google web designer and canva also provide you the facility of making there catchy banners without much experience.
  • You should have to select the question or game type firstly then you can create this banner.
  • You can design the user interface.

 Interface Qureka banners:

Interface Qureka banners are joined with an app or a website . they appear at the top or bottom of the page. Due to their attractive style Users eye and mind catch them and be invited to play a part in the game. Once the users click, the quiz or game begins.

User’s interaction:

The user can interact with the Qureka banner by joining a quiz, playing a game or replying queries. The queries or games are typically interrelated to the product being advertised. Just for example, if the Qureka banner is advertising a mobile brand, the questions may be associated with mobile features and qualities.

Qureka Banners

Answer Submission:

When the users complete the quiz or game the pop up to submit the answer arrives. By submitting the final answers a landing page open. On this page they can get more knowledge about the services or products being advertised. This can develop an interest of user in these services.

Tracking Performance:

The performance and effectiveness of qureka banner is measured by various tools such as Google analytics. These tools are especially helpful for advertisers. Through these tools the owner can know about conversation rate, clicks, user’s behavior and the engagement rate. 


Qureka banners are new way of attractive users and driving greater engagement rates. They offer better user experience as they exerts unique and funny methodology to old-style digital advertising. Now a day these banners are main cause of increasing brand awareness without being invasive.


Do you receive real money on qureka?

Answer: Yes you can receive real money on qureka but only the Winning Cash is withdraw able. You are not permitted to withdraw referral money.

Can I utilize the bonus money?

Answer: Yes you can utilize it wisely and can earn more prizes.

What is banner in app?

Answer: Banners are actually ads that pop up at the bottom or at the top of the screen. They catch the attraction of users. They also disappear after sometime automatically.



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