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Quotev is a social platform which offers stories, polls, surveys and quizzes to its users.  If you are a writer or a publisher you can easily publish your work through this app and can show your work to the whole globe. You can follow other authors or writers to get more skills in your work and can also communicate with them easily. This app provides the opportunity that readers and author can discuss their work and comments on the post in the activity section of posts.

This app was established in 2008. Since then it is working on its best rate. More than 5 million users join this app each month which is the main reason of its success and popularity.it is an authentic app so you do not need to worry that your efforts can be stolen. It’s a secure app you can share your work with world. You can share stories, polls, tests, quizzes and many more content whatever you like. You just need to create an account on it.

Besides the publishing of your own work you can also read limitless stories and journals which are posted on it. If you want to know about the world you can read journals on journey, if you are fiction lover you can read fiction, if you have a romantic touch in your nature you can read love stories and also fantasy. Quizzes are also the attractive feature of this app .there is millions of quizzes on each and every subject for your ease to enhance your knowledge.



App name Quotev
Version 1.0.0
Installs 5000+
Requirements 5.0 and up
Size 13.6 MB
Category Entertainment



Quotev app was introduced in 2008. Since then it is improving itself and adding new features with the need of hour. Some of its features are mention here.

Managing the Important Files

The readers can get accesses to all the stories and journals of their interest. This app manage all the important files and readers can arrange their important files according to their need. This feature makes the users able to review and search the journals of their interest easily without suffering.

Bottomless Collection:

This app has unlimited collection of polls, stories, surveys, and quizzes. You can read whatever you want and also get guidelines for your own writing skills.


Categories arrangements

Many categories like horror, mysteries, drama, romance, fantasy, action, and many more are mentioned which make the searchers comfortable in search to find the category of their interest without wasting time.

Free of Ads:

Ads create the disturbance in reading but in this app no free pop ups or ads come so you can thoroughly read stories without a swing in your reading.


The most stunning feature of this app is availability of quizzes. Now it’s time to live out of way. You do not need to waste your time on a question that is a mystery for you as you can’t understand it and you want to skip it but this app help you to solve the mystery of question. It enables you to return to the more puzzling questions and effort on them after you’ve done the simpler one.


Most of the people in this world love adventures. This app is much interesting for them as it provides the fantastical, dreamy, and chilling adventures. You have to select wisely the appropriate narrative based on your mood to get started. This app is a full package of thrills and adventures in reading. To find the love you can pretend to be lover and to solve the mystery you can pretend to be a philosopher. It’s totally up to you that what you want to read.

What’s new?

With the passage of time new features are added in this app to facilitate its users.

  • Now with reading the users can also hear audio for better understanding.
  • You do not need to stick the seat to complete whole story. You can also pause the story for later reading.
  • This app also offers the option of saving the story or quiz. When there is no internet access you can read it offline.


Installing the Story Reader Quotev APK

By following the instruction given below you can install the latest version of Quotev

  • Firstly remove the old version of this app if you have installed it earlier.
  • Now go to play store
  • Search the latest updated version of quotev
  • Then click the install button
  • Wait for a while to complete the installation process
  • Next click the open button
  • Now you can enjoy the latest version and read the stories of your interest.



Quotev is a unique story reading app.it works just like conversation. Your choices exert the impact on story and the fiction will develop as a result.it is a free app to read and download stories. The users can also listen to the stories with reading and also save the stories for later reading. The most popular categories are horror, romance and thrills. Collect the diamonds during throughout story reading to read on premier route.



Can users delete some work on Quotev?

Answer: You can remove only the work you have done singly just by click the button of “Delete” in your profile but you can’t remove the other authors work and contributing work.

Can I Publish My story on Quotev?

Answer: Yes, you can also publish your story and work on it.

How to become popular on Quotev?

Answer: You must have to show consistency and remain updated. Although in the starting you may not have many readers but you have to show your presences by updating your work. Share your work somewhere else to provide access to readers. Sharing links help a lot to become popular.


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