FB LITE APK Version 350. for Android 2023


FB Lite is an authorized app for Android devices from Facebook.  Facebook Lite APK is purposely designed for smaller devices. It uses very small mobile data because of the amazing feature of compression. Users need fewer MB of internet availability for running the Facebook app. This app requires less space on android devices or small mobile phones. This is the only reason, we call it Lite.

FB Lite






Facebook Lite app is a unique FB app for Android users.  It is planned for those with low-storage mobile phones or poor internet connection. The latest app allows you to access the features of the original app. You can optimize the resources of usage and run the app smoothly while representing an outdated but efficient version of the social group.

Connection with people

People progressively use social media apps on their Android phones. They start communicating with their friends and others and keep themselves up-to-date with the world through social media. However, if users are living in an area with a poor internet connection or using backward mobile phones then they can run this  lite app on their small phones. Mostly, people face many issues to run the social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but this latest version is running on small devices with less use of mobile data

Only a 2MB app awards the users with all the necessary functionalities of FB without consuming their data. It lopes on 2G nets which are highly valuable for many users. While it reminds you of the layout of the pioneer app, this app is providing every facility you need for daily use.

FB Lite

Silent Features

  • Create an account or users can log into the previous one.
  • Search and add new friends.
  • Share photos and update the status on the timeline.
  • Comment, like, and share posts of friends and other people.
  • Access RSVP and social events
  • Accept communication notifications
  • Benefit from secure features
  • View layout traits of the previous interface
  • View well-known banners
  • View loading bars
  • Sell and Buy on the amazing Marketplaces
  • No video or audio support.

FB Lite

Difference between FB and FB Lite

Facebook Lite APK stays easy and functional to use. This app is the perfect solution for those users who want to reduce their use of Facebook. Remove whistles and bells for keeping the people scrolling longer than they can.

The drawbacks of this lite app as compared to the official app are it is not looking professional like the regular one. Both apps are designed for the same purposes, it’s up-to people how heavily they use FB.

FB Lite


  • Less weight
  • Simple interface
  • Fast to install.
  • Storage saving app
  • Holds all the vital features
  • Loads everything rapidly
  • Use less mobile data
  • Better connectivity
  • Works on smaller devices


  • Appears old-fashioned
  • Require improvements in the interface.
  • No video support
  • No audio support

How to Install FB Lite APK?

  • First, search for Facebook Lite APK on the search bar of androidapkfile.com
  • Then, click on the download button
  • After clicking the button, allow the third-party apps to access your device.
  • Now, press the install button and enjoy the Lite app.

FB Lite



Overall, the latest version of Facebook Lite provides an accessible technique for using the trendy social platform. People can use it on small phones without advertisements.  The users have to create an FB account by signing up through their emails. This APK can help the users to be aware of the current events and the latest news from all over the world.

FB Lite


Is Facebook Lite safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use.

How can we create an account on the FB lite app?

You can create an account on this app by simple sign up with your Gmail account or mobile number.

How much mobile data is needed for the lite version of FB?

This version needs only 2MB of mobile data. So, it can work on poor internet connectivity and save data.

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